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★ ★ My Top 10 Non-popular School Dramas Recommendation ★ ★

Hi guys~
Don't you just like watching cute love stories in School-themed dramas? Ahhhh... Love is in the air~
Well you all must  have already known some of the successful drama such as Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, The Heirs, To The Beautiful You, and more... BUT still thirsty for more school love dramas? Scroll down below for some of my favorite non-popular School dramas! ;)))

1. Ma Boy

This movie is surprising not that well known. I love the simple but cute theme. And the main casts are good-looking! ;) This movie is about a girl who live in the same dorm with the most popular 'girl' in the school. Turns out, that popular has a big secret, and that is that 'she' is a he. Just a cute short drama for your little heart!
Casts: Kim Sohyun & TOUCH's Sun Woong
My Rate: 4.9/5
I have it 4.9 because it have only 3 episodes... Not enough for me to fangirl to... >.<

2. Real School

Like sitcom? Good! Love U-Kiss? Even better! Watch Dongho in the sitcom Real School!! I enjoy the first 20 episodes.. Afterward, I kind of skipped everything! >.< But if you love U-Kiss, Dongho or just want to watch a fresh, cute school comedy sitcom, come and watch Real School.
Casts: Do Jihan, Joo Dayoung, U-Kiss's Dongho, Kim Sooyun, more...
Rate: 3/5
I don't like sitcom, especially the ones that have tons of episodes...

3. After School Bokbulbok

SEO KANGJOON AND KIM SOEUN?! YESSSSS!! I absolutely love Kim Soeun!! And Seo Kangjoon is gorgeous! <33 This plot isn't that great.. Well not for me, but it was enough to captivate me. An ordinary girl found herself suddenly the leader of a mysterious club. Along with the other club members, they do missions and the girl got out of her quiet self.
Casts: Kim Soeun, Seo Kangjoon, Gong Myung, more...
Rate: 4/5
The plotting was quiet off.. But still, love the ending!

4. Sharp 2
(can't find pic..)
Super Junior's Kim Kibum used to be my absolute number 1 favorite actor when I was little. I remember waiting for Sharp 2 to air on the TV everyday. I love Go Ara so much also. This drama is pretty old, but is a MUST to watch!! It have a total of 50 dramas, but all episodes were worth it. This drama is about a girl name Lee Ok-rim, clumsy and know-nothing, who met a troublemaker, Joo Yeo-myeong. 
Casts: Go Ara, Kim Kibum
Rate: 5/5 <33
LINK(no sub)

5. God of Study

Woohoo! Two of my hottest guy are in the same drama?!? YAY! Yoo Seungho and Lee Hyunwoo! Also, Jiyeon is so pretty in here! The only thing is the main girl... I'm not saying that she is bad-looking, but her acting is weird......... After seeing how poor the school was, a lawyer decided to open a special class, five students tries hard to get into the famous Chun Ha Dae University.
Casts: Kim Sooro, Bae Doona, Yoo Seungho, Oh Yoona, Lee Hyunwoo, Park Jiyeon, Lee Chanho,...
Rate: 3/5
Like plot. Don't like lead girl.

6. I Am Sam

Watch this for Park Minyoung, TOP and Lee Minho. Love it! But the pairing of student and teacher is too weird and awkward for me to watch........ This drama is about a shy and timid teacher who have to teach his student, a strong girl who want to be successful.
Cast: Yang Dongkun, Park Minyoung, TOP, Son Taeyoung, more...
Rate: 3/5
Again, the relationship between teacher and student just creeps me out.... O.O

7. Monstar

I watch this drama on a school trip, on the bus. It was fun and I like all the characters' acting! Their songs is also catching and fun to listen to. Love Junhyung!! The girl acting is cute also~ ^^ A group of different kind of personalities comes together, with the same hobby, music.
Casts: Yong Junhyung, Ha Yeonsoo, Kang Haneul, GLAM's Dahee, ...
Rate: 4/5

8. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I normally don't ship older women with younger guys. But this actress have something that captivate me into watching...! Then again, how can I not watch when Jung Il Woo is in this?!?! A student ran into a very interesting person, but this person turns out to be his teacher... What will happen??
Cast: Jung Ilwoo, Lee Chungah, Lee Kiwoo
Rate: 3/5

9. Mackerel Run

Lee Min to the Ho! xD And Moon Chaewon is soo pretty!! In this drama, Lee Minho made many comedy moves. Just some funny high school moments.
Casts: Lee Minho, Moon Chaewon
Rate: 4/5

10. Operation Proposal

Isn't exactly a school drama, but 75% are flashbacks to their school years. And I gotta say, Yoo Seungho is SUPER HOT!! They have been best friend since kindergarten, but on her wedding day, he regret not telling her his true feeling. Magically, he was able to go back in time to find hints she left for him that he didn't noticed before.
Cast: Yoo Seungho, Park Eunbin
Rate: 4/5

These dramas aren't in any particular order! Hope you like it~

- Suji
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