Monday, August 18, 2014

Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint #2 Raspberry Review

Hey guys! 
Today, I'll be doing a review on this Holy Berry Lip Tint from Holika Holika!

To be honest, I didn't buy this for me, but for my mom. She asked me to find her a good pink lip tint, and I just picked this one out for her. xD Proud that I got her into the Korean beauty world. (Now she asked me for bb cream.) Anyways, moving on.. Let's get this review started!

First of all, if you apply just 1 coat of this tint, it's a magenta color. (Or raspberry, as that's what it's named) But I just wanted to say, you can achieve a red look with this tint. You just have to layer it, and it will get pretty red.

The top picture is my bare lips, and on the bottom picture, I applied just 1 coat of the tint.


I bought this on Amazon for around $6.44, and I think it's a really good deal! You get 13ml of product, which is plenty. Compared to the Tonymoly tint, that only has 9ml and it's more expensive. (around $8) I'm totally happy with this purchase!


For me, this tint worked really well. I put it on in the morning and the color is still here, when its almost 6pm now. It gives my lips a nice red flush. It's really natural looking, which I love! This tint didn't dry out my lips, like many have said, but it didn't hydrate them either, which I think is totally fine. I just put lip balm over it, since the color stays on pretty well. Love the results!


At first, when I opened up the box and saw this tint, I was like, "Why is this so huge?!" Literally, the tube is much fatter than I thought it would be, which is great, because there's much more product. The design on the bottle is also really cute. It's simple but pretty! It looses a star though, because I've heard that this product leaks. It hasn't happened to me yet, so I'll just make sure to keep it at home and not in my purse.
Edit: I dropped it on hard wood flooring, and the bottle cracked. It's very fragile, so be careful!


I absolutely love the scent of this tint. It doesn't exactly smell like raspberries, but it smells VERY sweet, which I love. It smells like heaven! Although the taste is quite bitter. The texture of this product is also amazing. When I put it on, it's very easy to spread, and the color is buildable. This is good for the gradient lip look.


Overall, this product is definitely a five star! Everything is great about it! I might buy the other colors also, so I can have a collection. xD I tend to do that a lot. If you're looking for a good lip tint, this is the one! I definitely recommend it!!
(In these pictures, I applied about 3 coats of the tint to make them more red)

And that's all for my review! I made one for a Tonymoly tint also, so check it out!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed~

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