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SKINFOOD: Rice Mask VS Black Sugar Mask || Review & Comparison

Hey guys! I'm sure many of you are wondering, what's the difference between Skinfood's Black sugar wash off mask and their Rice wash off mask?! Well today, you'll find out! 
The main difference is obvious of course. One is made of rice and the other is made of black sugar. But that's not the only difference. Let's get started shall we?

Rice Wash Off: A wash-off mask that transforms skin into a pure and soft texture, and contains rice bran water.

Sugar Wash Off: A mask that contains mineral enriched Brazilian black sugar, and promotes smooth, glowing skin.
Conclusion: Rice Wash Off makes your skin soft and pure, whereas the Sugar Wash Off makes your skin smooth and glow.

Rice Wash Off

My conclusion is that this mask is more suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin. The scrub is gentle, and it hydrates your face instead of drying it out like most exfoliators. This mask will make your face brighter and soft. It also didn't irritate my skin, so people with sensitive skin should try this out. The rice grains in this jar is very fine. You can barely feel it when you rub the product on your face, which I think is great. The texture of this mask is a little more runny than the sugar mask, but it stays on your face and doesn't drip. It's just not as sticky as the sugar mask.

Black Sugar Wash Off

Unlike the rice mask, this mask is not as gentle. It's good for oily skinned people, and it exfoliates really well. When I used this mask, I felt that my skin was tighter, but it was also dry., so always moisturize after using! I also did notice that it made my complexion glowy and even within a couple days. My face was glowing! Which is amazing. Anyway, the sugar grains in this jar are much larger than the rice jar. It can get kind of painful when you rub too hard on your face. A trick you can do is add some water or toner while rubbing.

❤ ❤ ❤ 
 I love both masks and both of them would receive five stars. Overall, the Black Sugar Mask is more suitable for people with oily skin, has large pores, or just a rough and dull face in general. If your face is dry and on the sensitive side, then you should try out the Rice Mask.

((Personally, I like the black sugar more, since I have oily skin ^.^))

And that concludes this post! Have you tried these masks? Which do you prefer? Comment below!
Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful to you!


  1. how about black sugar honey mask ?

    1. Hi there! ^^ We personally haven't heard of the product yet ourself, but we'll definitely put it on our review list!! Thank you for commenting! :DD

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there!
      Personally, having a sensitive/dehydrated skin, I own the black sugar mask, and I think it's working great on exfoliating my skin! I still would recommend the Rice mask if you do have a dryer/sensitive skin!
      But yeah, to answer your question, I do think both of them is great~

      - Suji ❤

  3. Thanks for taking the time to review these products!
    I've been debating between trying one or the other at RoseRose, but wasn't sure which did what. Thanks for saving me. :P

    1. You're welcome!!
      We're always here to give helpful info and tips~

  4. Hello! Thank you for comparing/reviewing these products! I actually own both right now at this moment. Do you think it will damage your skin if you use both at the same time? For example, first the black sugar then the rice mask?

    1. By the same time, do you mean in 1 night? If yes, then I don't recommend doing so, as that would cause your skin crack (due to dryness), especially if your skin is on the dehydrated side! :) Maybe if you want, try switching it on and off, like one day use rice mask, skip a day, the use black sugar, or if you really want to exfoliate your face everyday, that would also work if you have oily-combination skin! ^^
      Hope I made sense! :))

    2. Thank you so much!! I have dry/combination skin so I tend to use the rice mask more than the black sugar mask, but as you said it's great to alternate both products! I'm looking forward for your new reviews :)

  5. If its okay to use the sugar mask daily like morning and evening even your country is too hot?

    1. Hi, I'm so sorry for the late reply!
      I wouldn't recommend using the sugar mask daily because it's an exfoliator! If you exfoliate your face too much, then your skin could become damaged or too dry. You should exfoliate your face 2 to 4 times a week, depending on your skin type! The skin food sugar scrub is really good to use a couple times a week, but please tell me how it works out for you!:) Thanks for stopping by, and once again, sorry for the late reply!



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