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케이팝 아이돌 같은 드레스를 하는 방법에 대한 팁 | Tips On How To Look/Dress Like A Kpop Idol

Hi guys~
While I was searching up some random stuff about Korean idol's airport fashion, which is the trend these days, I thought to myself, "HEY! I ALSO WANT TO LOOK LIKE A KPOP IDOL, I BET EVERYONE WOULD TOO!" I did some research, and here's what I found:

1. Handy dandy
As seen in the picture above, these Girls' Generation members each have their own fashionable bags. Some of you girls out there might be like, "PSH, who doesn't carry a handbag!". But believe me, I know some fan girls who want to look like a kpop idol every time they go out, but they never carry a cute handbag with them. And as much as I've seen, pretty much all Korean females carry a handbag/tote bag/ messenger bag with them no matter what kind of outfit they wear. So girls, remember to add in that little bag as one of your must-have essentials.

2. Put this on and walk, LIKE A BOSS
Sunglasses is a common thing you see Kpop idols wear. This trend is mostly seen when an idol goes out or when they're traveling, especially with their bare/no-makeup face. Though this look is very trendy, you don't want to go everywhere with your sunglasses all the time! B)

3. Cool or Not


Yep, I'm talking about hats, so girls, no need to worry about those bedheads! Hats, we have MANY kinds, so let's get to it. Idols like Key, Tao, Yunho, G-Dragon wear Fedora (as shown in the the Key's picture)Army hats, despise its name, is pretty popular among celebrities these days, Yunho, Gary, Kikwang, and even Kim Soo Hyun is rocking those babies (as shown in the Yunho's picture). Hats like Beanie is well known among both males and females Kpop artists, Sandara Park, G-Dragon and most kpop idols have been seen wearing a beanie before (as shown in the Bap's picture). Taeyang, Chanyeol, and many young rookie idols wear the original, but most popular, Snapbacks and can still rock them (as shown in the Taeyang's picture).

4. Sporty style 

Though this is called the 'sporty' style, sport shoes is the trend for female Kpop idols. Reason why is that they're resting their feet after dancing and walking in heel due to events. They basically wear every outfit and finish it with a sport shoe. Though, guys Kpop idols do wear sport shoes, attention goes more toward female idols.

5. As short as you can go

You can see that Korean women do tend to wear shorts, skirts and dresses often, or should I say most of the time. In Korea, girls usually expose their legs, but never their upper body. So less cleavage and belly~

6. Keep your head and heel high, dolly

Aside from wearing sport shoes, Korean women also loves to wear high heels, wedges, or anything to have a higher height. According to some research, Koreans are pretty short comparing to tall Americans. Not just girls but most guy idols put insoles in their shoes to be taller also. 

8. Ahh~ Love is in the air.. OH WAIT! I smell nail polish! 

I was watching Roommate, a variety show,  and saw Park Bom's amazing nails, so I decided to search more about Kpop idols and nails. And apparently, 'acrylic' or nail arts is the trend in Korea these days. So girls, get your sassy side on! ;)

9. Opposite DO attracts!

I've been noticing that Kpop idols have this loose top, tight bottom look. But only amazing people with great figures can pull off that look..... :'(

10. Airport Fashion
This last tip is just an overall tip, if you want to look like your favorite Kpop idol, just search up their Airport Fashion to have the same style as them, DONE! Haha, fast and easy, but keep this tip only among us though, okay? ^^

- Suji ❤

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